Lupus Medications

Can anyone tell me what medications have been most successful for the lupus pain and fatigue. I tried plaquenil a few times and have an awful reaction of extreme depression on it. I took prednisone for two rounds but since I have osteoporosis, can't do that anymore.

Rheumatologist wants t start me on on low dose of one of the immunosuppressant drugs but I've been fighting it due to the scary side effects I read about. I have lost half my hair and fear more hair loss as well as more nausea and fatigue. What's work for others? I also take a compounded thyroid medication for hypothyroidism, now on a low dose of 15 mg a day. Use to take 60 mg. but that made me hyper.

Bottom line is I'm feeling worse each day. GI symptoms and nausea is extreme. Fatigue is overwhelming and my headaches are like someone is hitting me with a sledge hammer. Why is this happening?

Which of the immuno meds has the least side effects?

I'll be truly grateful for any and all suggestions. I take lots of supplements to fight inflammation and have started to go gluten free. I'm working on stopping sugar but that's my weakness but I will cut down more and more until I'm no longer having it.

Thanks much,


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