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Lupus article: Lupus and AlcoholLupus and Alcohol

Lupus and alcohol can be a tricky combination. Anna shares her thoughts on drinking with lupus and the results.

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  • Glad to know that. My doctors are not to crazy about acholol for me. but dam ! For Christmas I had a drink. a little wine hell. I did good. just felt more sleepy than usual.
  • I would feel fine while drinking alcohol. It's mostly the next day everything hurts & all I wana do is sleep. Depending on how much I drank the night before. Once I took my meds I start to feel better.
  • I had to quit completely. Two or three drinks would give me a 5-6 day hangover. Yuck...
  • I have to say the only time I'm totally out of pain is after a couple of drinks. I'm fine when drinking and only drink 1 a month. But have to agree that it does take a toll the next day. I was 15 when I was dignosed and am 45 so a couple drinks if it takes away a couple hrs of pain well worth it.
  • I also thought that I was just a light weight when it came to alcohol. I can literally only drink one wine cooler and it effects my fine motor skills badly, talking is extremely slurred and it causes me to stumble while walking, if I am even awake!
  • CarriCarri Member
    Is Plaquenil the med being referred to that makes you seem like a lightweight? Because that would explain why I can only have 2 glasses of wine now when I used to be able to drink a sailor under the table

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