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Lupus article: My Story: Nichole MarshallMy Story: Nichole Marshall

I was diagnosed 1998, a year after I graduated. It was very hard for me to accept this change in my life. Stay strong, life has it tolls for everybody.

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  • Today has been most challenging! This was onew of the days where I just need to curl up in balll and sleep.
  • Your story is very inspiring. I was diagnosed with SLE IN 1992 and I suffer on a daily basis. I put GOD first and leave it all up to him. Some days are better than others. I'm just blessed to still be here to enjoy them. Stay encouraged.....
  • God you are so strong and inspiring, wish I met someone close to home whom I could talk about this but your story gives me hope I was diagnosed in 2004 I was only 17 it's been hard I ask my lord for a baby and he blessed me with twins!!!!

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