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Lupus article: Lupus and MSLupus and MS

Lupus and MS can look similar. Lupus patient Barbara Leech writes about some of the symptoms she's had that mimic MS symptoms.

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  • Thank you for the article. I have lesions that the neuro is not to sure what they are but are not in the typical MS location. I will have to pass this info on. Thank you again!!!
  • sherriesherrie New Life Outlook
    So glad you found it helpful @Jenndilldine!
  • @sherrie Hell I never was tested, didn't know I probably need to be. the memory lost and the other 2 symptoms occur all the time. expectaly when Im in the sun.
  • This happened to me too! After so many tests, finally had MRI showing 9 lesions with similar symptoms of MS. First doctor told me it was MS and I'd never walk again...I proved him wrong and after lupus meds, and several months of repeat MRI's the lesions gradually healed and dissapeared. Then they said it was caused by CNS vasculitis associated with lupus...How common is this? Friend of mine passed away from it. I'm in remission from the cnsv but have other issues...anyone else have this?
  • TinaWTinaW Member
    For the past 6 months I have been told I have Lupus and MS because of neuropathy. I found a fantastic neurologist just a few days ago and she said it's just Lupus. This article makes me feel so much more confident in her knowing others have gone through this too.
  • When I was first diagnosed with lupus the urologist I was seeing wanted me to be tested for MS but since I had been on a merry go round of tests and specialists I decided no more testing. That was around 15 years ago. I had actually been diagnosed with lupus when I was first married and my ex was in the Army so I went to the hospital on post. When I got diagnosed I wasn't having major issues so I walked out and didn't go back. I also didn't tell anyone. So when I was diagnosed again in 2000 my health was going downhill fast. Back to my comment..the heat doesn't bother me near as bad as the cold does. Is anyone else like that? I also have the same eye problems. When I went to my opthamologist. . He ran blood work and then started pounding my eyes with steroid eye drops
  • I found this interesting and could identify with the article . I have a diagnosis of lupus , though am currently awaiting an MRI scan as a lot of my symptoms are neurological, word finding difficulties, spelling difficulties , poor concentration , vertigo, headaches , pins and needles and numbness on left side of body . I have seen the neurologist who believes these symptoms are likely due to the lupus , but wanted to rule out MS . @New Life Outlook

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