Retinal Toxicity

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Lupus article: Retinal ToxicityRetinal Toxicity

Hydroxychloroquine can be an excellent treatment for skin rashes in lupus but Plaquenil can cause severe and permanent damage to the retinas of the eyes.

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  • If one were to stop taking plaquinel immediately and abruptly, what could and would happen? I stopped the MTX before I ever started taking plaquinel and it THREW me into a flare that almost hospitalized me. If we don't take plaquinel, what other treatments are there?
  • DaniBeeGood....I'm not a doctor but from experience I can tell you that my fatigue and joint pain increased when I ran out of my prescription. My Rheumy and Ophthalmologist reassured me that yearly eye exams are important to catch this. Hope this helps!!

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