Thinking Ahead for Your Heart Health

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Lupus article: Thinking Ahead for Your Heart HealthThinking Ahead for Your Heart Health

Learn why heart disease is more common among people with lupus.

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  • I personally know Dr. Joe McCune, he is an outstanding physician and researcher. I have worked with him for many years Co-chairing the Amster Lupus Butterfly Walk in Michigan. I currently see one of his very good friends, Dr. Patricia Cagnoli in Lansing, Michigan. She herself is also an outstanding physician and researcher for Lupus. The research group out of the University of Michigan are all masters at what they do! I can not say enough about the research this group works on.
  • GracieGracie Member
    I have had Lupus for a very long time finally being diagnosed in 1998. It seem to run in my family. In 2007 I had a massive heart attack and had heart by-pass open heart surgery. Have had 2 more heart attacks since then. My heart doctor does not seem to get the connection of Lupus and heart attacks. I have suggested it a few times and he just don't seem to get it. What else can I do to get his attention about this connection?
  • mconeybearemconeybeare New Life Outlook, Moderator
    @Gracie I'm sorry to hear you are having difficulty with your doctor seeing the connection. We would suggest that you print or direct him to this link and the many other articles out there that talk about this direct connection. The next option might be that you seek a second opinion.
    All the best & stay well, Gracie!


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