Lupus and the Immune System

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Lupus article: Lupus and the Immune SystemLupus and the Immune System

Lupus and the Immune System: Lupus has a huge impact on healthy immune function in the body, but you're not defenceless against infection.

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  • So true....I have a history of MRSA and was diagnosed with Lupus about a year ago. It gets more and more difficult to get rid of the MRSA when I have an outbreak.
  • I was diagnosed about 6 years ago. I have flare ups and some are so bad that all I want to do is cry. Joints, legs, headaches, upset stomach and so very tired...just to name a few. Life can be so difficult at times. Just to walk or use my hands and sometimes to even hug my kids or husband. I try to stay positive but like all of us, I'm sure there are times of depression.
  • Do anyone has foot pain?
  • @Shanapoo29 I am tired of the pain...yes and it's very painful...wish it would stop
  • You can't tell when you go out if ppl are sick. Not everyone stays home and then when I'm sick it's three weeks to get rid of...bummer

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