Smoothies for Lupus

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imageSmoothies for Lupus

These five super healthy ingredients are great to add to smoothies for lupus.

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  • Thank you for this information. I have been told I have lupus since June of last year and I am trying to deal with it. I would be grateful if anyone could share how to keep your skin moist from the outbreaks on the nose and over the eyes area. I drink a lot of water but, at times I find myself looking tired and old. Also, how does one deal with the fatigue
  • My daughter diagnosed with lupus this year and I have been looking for anything that can help her. So far my biggest problem is the butterfly rash, is there any hope that it might go away. We have been going to the dermatologist and the amount of lotion and steroids that we have been using is ridiculous but none of them work. I have been using a lot of green veggies and real fruits for smoothie hoping that some day she will be free from the disease and she is very scare because some people are making fun of her because of the rash in her face. Please give me some hope while I'm looking to see if it can be reversed with natural medicine.

    A. Jean
  • Well! My daughter has lupus too, the best thing to do, don't stay in the sun for too long and make sure you wear sunscreen when you are out door. And also, I've been giving her vit D and a lot of smoothie with green organic fresh veggies. Avoid drinking alcohol and modify your diet.

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