Lupus Mouth Ulcers and Oral Health

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imageLupus Mouth Ulcers and Oral Health

The most common mouth problem caused by lupus is the mouth ulcer which appear as whitish plaques and ulcerations that are not painful.

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  • My doctor prescribes 'magic mouthwash'. It works very well, and I don't think it's terribly expensive. Mine costs around $5.00. Of course, there is the doctor visit to consider and I understand that. But the bottle is big and you can just keep it on hand. You can even swallow it if your throat is sore, too.
  • I already have jacked up teeth and when i found out i had lupus they seemed to get worse and now its getting even 25 and have missing teeth.. Honestly Dont know what to do anymore.. I feel ugly seriously
  • @Pickwick I also get the Magic Mouthwash and it works great! However my mouth ulcers can be painful.
  • I have sores on my lips. They are not the same as the herpes virus. Abreva sort of helps, but very slowly. They can be very painful. After reading this article, I wonder if the Plaquenil I've been taking for 25+ years could be affecting it?
  • I have red swollen gums and had a recent biopsy done. I have Lichen Planus and from everything I read, there is no cure. Lupus hinders the problem. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, what have you tried? I have seen a periodontist and an oral surgeon, PLUS numerous dermatologists. Again, no help.
  • SaraiSarai Member
    My dentist prescribed a steroid gel which worked very well for my mouth and nasal ulcers and I shared it with my rheumatologist for his edification. Although Lupus can be quite debilitating, it is still a fascinating disease. I do miss my life before Lupus, but we just have to keep looking up and enjoy as much of life as we can.
  • WHAT!?!....mouth & nose ulcers that "are NOT painful"!?
    They are absolutely debilitating: lots of times they're at the back & side of the tongue ~ PAINFUL next to the teeth!! Sores at inside nostrils, like, ooo! hurty. :'(
  • @Sarai
    Thank you for reminding me that this is my new normal ~ gotta get a new attitude about this in order to keep it from destroying me!
  • @New Life Outlook so i have been looking for ways to communicate with others with a similar condition as mine. my first doctor (specialist) told me he thought i had lupus, great guy but from india and hard to communicate with. My new doctor does not call it lupus, but he said it won't matter cause were gonna treat it the same way. i am a 52 year white male which i thought was unusual anyway to have this similar condition, now to make a long story short i have been getting frequent mouth sores for two to three years, far and away the worst problem i have had with this condition, to me the pain is almost indescribable, so i quit aspartame (that is in stuff like diet dew and many other food and drinks). my doctor said i could quit the methatrexate & the folic acid so maybe i could see if it would help calm down these ulcers, for me they are really life changing and not in a good way. i guess i wanna find out if others have gotten these mouth ulcers/canker sores?? help?? i pray alot

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