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imageMy Story: Precious Lewis

My symptoms came out of nowhere. There were times when I would never talk about having lupus because I didn't want people to treat me differently.

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  • Thank you for sharing your story sounds exactly like mine. In 2004 diagnosed with Fibromyalgia then May 2014 Discoid Lupus and finally September 2014 Mild SLE; that is what the Doctor's say on paper, but God has the last say so!
  • Thank u for sharing ur story I wish my sister where here to shar her story she pass alway in October 27 2012 7 day after her 24 birthday and keep telling ur story because it can help somebody along the way and I started a non profit organization call Lupus Project in Livingston AL
  • It is so good to read about other women who know exactly what I'm going through! Your stories are my stories! It's a good feeling knowing I'm not alone in this.

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