Bracing for the Cold

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imageBracing for the Cold

With Lupus, weather has a substantial influence on what I can do each day. The sun is not my friend, but lupus and cold weather are certainly enemies.

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    Yes!! The cold has always done a number on me. The sun and heat didn't start bothering me until about 2 years ago. So much pain all fall and winter though! It's really hard to explain to people who don't have these problems themselves, it is nice to see that I am not alone in it.
    To the woman (Jessica Lee) with the hives who hasn't officially been diagnosed yet: Cold Induced Urticaria. Me too! And guess what, since I've been on meds for Lupus treatment, happens WAY LESS often! Crazy stuff, these autoimmune diseases.
  • I use a warming throw when I am able to. The problem is I am not sure if it actually helps. When I stop using it, I feel like I hurt worse? Like achy and feverish although I do not have a fever. But my skin hurts like a fever. It's weird! I've heard weird things about an electromagnetic field created by the electric blanket but right now I practically live under it. There are times I shake so violently from the cold that, like the author, I am sore for days afterwards! The anxiety is horrible right now too!

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