Lupus Hair Loss

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imageLupus Hair Loss

A handful of freshly fallen hair is hard to ignore. Lupus hair loss can really settle into that quiet corner where your confidence lives and clean house.

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  • You may be onto something about chemicals and her loss. I've noticed that after swimming in the pool my hair loss gets better for like a day or so.
  • I've had great results with using the three-step hair thinning treatment by Naturelle Nutri-Ox with Biotin. I also take the Biotin supplement of 5000.
    It doesn't really prevent hair loss but it helps with the hair growth.
  • If helpful, for hair care, if you highlight, there are now more readily available ammonia free highlights. I have noticeably less over - dryness of hair or loss of hair after a highlight. I continue to highlight since it hides my thinner hair. And because it's one of those things that still makes me feel good :-)
  • I too have had a difficult time with hair loss. It seems to be getting worse as the time goes by. When my hair is colored my scalp is the same color as my hair, it is quite embarrassing,
  • 38. That would be great day for me.

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