Managing Headaches

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imageManaging Headaches

You may notice a pattern that relates to certain activities in your daily life that seem to trigger Lupus headaches. Stay active and eat a healthy diet!

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  • I have been having horrible headaches the past 2 weeks! Can't seem to break them! I have finally found a awesome doctor who believes what we go through with lupus!! I have currently had to go on FMLA because I had become so discouraged with doctors that I have let my treatment go for 2 years.. I got tired of hearing.. " lupus is a disease of inconvenience"!! I mean REALLY!!! I have been a medic for 18 years on the streets.. and have been teaching now because I can no longer work in the field because of physical limitations.. not to mention the mental aspect of the job. I could go on and on and on, but until I have several tests done because my doc is worried about kidney involvement .. I have been placed on prednisone until results all come in. This is an evil drug! Up all nights.. and the headaches have been unreal lately! But.. my memory or being able to complete thoughts has been getting worse the past year... just wanted to let you know that there are doctors out there who believe and will support you! He says all of this is mainly because of lupus! Please find a doctor who supports you... remember we are the ones paying them.. they are providing US a service.. if you are not happy with them, find one you are!
  • I have no problem changing doctors.. I love when they ask why so many changes.. Straight out I say, well if I feel you as a doctor are not doing you job properly I'll tell you and then leave.... I've suffered enough the past 19 years....My kidneys are failing I've been in a coma for month and a half.. I have huge bruising on my joints from Lupus which is eating and destroying my ligaments.. Major DVT's in my legs and lungs kidney bleeding colon bleeding calf bleeding.My lupus causes me to bleed internally.. My mother died from Lupus from internal bleeding.. but my doctors doesn't think there is a link.. needless to say I no longer see that idiot Dr..because other doctors told me to get far away from that clown.......Now the new one is my headaches, they are unbelievable .. there is no way my lupus isn't causing them.. I truly believe they are caused by Lupus.. sometimes I'm tired of suffering and fighting everyday to go on.. Most people don't have a clue how viscous Lupus can be.. Tired...
  • I get lots more headaches then I use to ever get. Hurts my neck, usually one side of my face and neck and shoulders. I use Tylenol which for me really helps plus a cold towel I put on my head and side of face hurting at that time. I get these headaches at least twice a week. I know I will get one when my eyes are blurry and can't see far away. Will last at least two days sometimes 3. The best thing is a cooling towel .

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