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imageLupus Bruising

Black and blue might be the official colors of Lupus, which gives me a visible beating at times. I am bruising all over my body for no apparent reason.

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  • Looking for some relief and answers, does lupus cause swelling that starts at the feet and works its way up the entire body to include the throat. Dose it cause high white blood cell counts? Doctors are puzzled in 2011 I had a rash that would come and go around the ankles and my feet would swell to the point it appeared as if they would bust. Now, the swelling is there all the time the pain is unbearable. The biopsy showed Lupus on one test and not another they claim that ruled it out, however another doctor says that is not possible once they detect it, it is there it does not just disappear. Now they are sending me to a cancer specialist and they have hit a dead end and I am complicated. They want to do a bone marrow biopsy, I also went from 160lbs to 206 in 5 weeks any suggestions or thoughts would be greatly apresheated.
  • Thank you so much for writing this article. I experience bruising and learned to associate it with an upcoming flareup. This information is very useful.
  • I have bruises appear over my whole body and they hurt. Plus have breathing difficulties. Not to mention the constant body pains. Somebody please help.
  • I see an oncologist for my platelets. He gives me a shot every other Thursday. Called N-Plate. It helps a lot.. my counts would get in the low 20's and thats very bad. So with the help of that small helps a lot!
  • @RhondaSmith194 yes all of that is possible. I went through the ankle thing like 3 times. What they ended up doing was giving me a antibiotic shot in the ankle. It help so much...the pain went away and the swelling went down a lot! Then from the heat of the fever in the ankle caused the skin to cook and pill.
  • @RhondaSmith194 after a few weeks it was back to normal. I did the bone morrow biopsy as well. It help then give me a better course of treatment. But to be honest with the end of the day all the pain and nonsense that I have Indore went away when I started listening to my body. No more stress... no more work.. no more over doing nothing. I relax all day every day. Yeah it was hard to give up work but thats what saved me. I havent been sick or pain in years. If I have a flair up...its because I done to much. I may get one once a year if that. So I hope this helps you and good luck with your journey.
  • AnaAna Member
    I have been diagnosed recently and everything has been changing in me. I tried to learn about Lupus and then I realized I don't want to know more about it. Every day is a different battle to live. I have decided I'm strong in my heart and my soul and I just want to thank God day by day. I wish all of you , who have been suffering this for long time to be and to feel better .... God bless you all!!
  • One of the most embarrassing aspects of our disease is what it does to our skin. Anytime I eat or drink something that is bad for me, my face flares up; I often get itchy, and I bruise or get odd marks on my skin. One thing that I have found helps with some of the redness and other blotches is a cream my dermatologist prescribed called, Mirvaso. I'll put it on an hour or so before I want to go out in public; the side effect is that it can really bleach out my face and make me look VERY pale. My makeup usually covers it well enough, and it keeps the red marks, flares, and malar rash hidden for several hours.
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    My daughter just recently came across the term "Lupus Bruising/ blistering". We were researching the effectiveness of tea tree oil on scars and break outs when she found that this is a real thing. Before that I had never heard an actual name put to the aggravation that I go through. My doctors said it is eczema and gave me a huge tub of steroidal ointment that slows down the outbreaks but does not stop them. I have been battling scarring and bruising on my arms for most of the years that I have known that I have lupus. It feels really good to know that I am not alone and that others understand what it is like to live with the outbreaks and scars too. Summer is coming up so I have began using the tea tree oil. It didn't matter to me before that I had to stop wearing sleeveless tops and dresses because I was just glad to be alive but suddenly this year I want to wear to them again so we'll see how this turns out. I'll let my fellow Lupies know if tea tree oil and tea tree oil products are miracle workers. Keep your fingers crossed for me <3
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    @RhondaSmith194 I can answer a bit about the body swelling. I get it. It's inflammation. I find that it comes on mostly in the Summer and mostly when I'm stressed or pressing myself physically. I'm actually experiencing it right now. I have several places to go and my body is at least 2 sizes bigger than my normal clothes size. smh. I take Celebrex for Arthritis and some other things. I find that if I take that regularly, it helps to lessen these occurrences. I recently have not been taking it due to trying to work things out with my insurance company and sure enough the inflammation showed has up. I'll be back on it before the end of this week hopefully. There are also foods that help with inflammation. You can try to replace some foods that cause it with those foods which can be found on the internet or you can ask your Dr. for a list of them. I hope this helps and makes you feel better to know that what you are experiencing is not due to over eating or anything negligent on your part. It's not even fat although you are visibly bigger and you feel heavier. So is the life of a Lupie but you learn as you go and it gets better.
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    Thank you for this article!!!!! I was almost arguing and in tears with my doctor recently about this. Her response was, you just bruise easily. All your tests are normal. You are being dramatic. It has nothing to do with Lupus. My neurologist told me I'm getting older and I'm getting more clumsy. I was starting to think I was crazy.
  • AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
    @AH We're so happy you found comfort in this article - you are most certainly not crazy and you are not alone either <3

  • I am anemic and my hemoglobin is and has never been above 10 (normal is 12 to 17) I go every 2 month and get a iron infusion. And right before I go to my hematologist I will start bruising just about as easy as just looking at a spot on me...but then after I get my infusion I stop bruising as easily. But yet no one can tell me why like scientifically what causes it.
  • We can call it any name, I just thought of black and blue scarring. The scars of our disease. The scars of lupus.
    I had easily bruised for many years and the doctor I had would say it was "bad blood circulation." Nowadays I finally can rest easy and know that this is somehow caused by my anticoagulants that I need to take to keep on living. Just today I showed my PCP a big purple and reddish scar on my leg. I got it as easily as just going down one step going down the stairs and rubbing the leg against the carpet on it. My doctor said "welcome to the Anticoagulation world." Yes, I know doctor. I asked if there was anything I could put on it to make it go away. There is nothing. So I keep on cruising. I wear shorts, dresses etc. The bruises are nothing compared to the heart valve that's slowly getting tired, or my kidneys eliminating protein or my blood wanting to become clots. So, I don't hide.

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