Relieving the Lupus Itch

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imageRelieving the Lupus Itch

Learning to deal with the itch associated with a cutaneous lupus rash is important but it is more important to prevent theses flares from happening.

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  • I even utilize SPF clothing, sunscreen and the burn and stinging - I just can't stop it. The one thing I find helps relieve it is ice. I avoid the hours of 10-4 outside if possible. I do take placquenil as well as neuronton (Gabapentin) but I'm still suffering. Any topical cream makes it worse and at time. I tried taking Zyrtec to calm it down and that somewhat helps but not enough.
  • there is a topical cream with steroids in it that I use as needed and it works wonderful. I do NOT take meds that DR wants me to take because of the side effects. Most meds do not work well with my body. I would recommend ALL to have your DNA typed at and to find an integrated DR in your area as most primary care Dr's do not even understand this disease and RA DR's are clueless in how to prevent more damage to your body. Most Lupus patients will have other issues such as CFS, digestive problems, and fine motor skills will diminish, and brain fog. I have them all but they slowly accumulated. YOU will have to educate yourself!! It's the key to living a normal life
  • ShannonShannon Member
    Beleive it or not the best way I got the itch to stop was pure rubbing alcohol actually drying the whole area out stopped the attack then I got a hydrating body wash with lavender for calming effects. I also take the plaque nil an xaxan
  • SFRuthSFRuth Member
    I've gotten no respect from my Rheumy about itchy skin, so I self manage. If I scratch (no no no) red lesions pop up. Happens on my back, sides, thighs, ankles- about anywhere. So areas are red bumps, others are pink flat lesions. It's worse if I shower daily, and if humidity is below 60% and temps below 60 degrees. After showering every other day, I use a body moisturizer all over, and a little dab of hydrocortisone cream on the itchy spots. I keep hydrocortisone in several places so I can always get to it. It is maddening. If a lesion breaks out, it takes about a week to clear up.
  • juddkinsjuddkins Member
    edited May 2015
    I have been diagnosed since 2008 with sle. I have had these itching on my legs since then, no amount of creams or oral medication would work. However i tried rubbing hydrogen peroxide on the area. Since then my itching has disappeared.

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