Using Herbs for Lupus

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imageUsing Herbs for Lupus

Using herbs for lupus can be tricky, so it’s best to see a trained herbalist who has worked with others with similar circumstances.

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  • has anyone tried supplements that help control inflammation such as Milk Thistle, Papaya Enzyme, Tumeric, Bromelain or Astraligas?
  • It would have been nice if they specified certain herbs for certain things besides cleanses...
  • So I was glad to see this discussion. I have used plant based pain relief before and it has helped wonderfully with all types of pain. Many of the other woman in my group have lupus but it turns out I have different auto-immune problem. Would love to see people be more educated to something that could help them...I was surprised as well. And yes, you must be safe.
  • I have had lupus (SLE) for about 5 years and when i first started seeing the symptoms i thought is was just a minor rash and weeks pass and i went to my doctor to see whats the problem and he did some checking and i he informed me that i diagnosed with LUPUS DISEASE. and told me that this condition can't be cured, and hearing that it cant be cured made me reckless well, i went on-line searching for remedy to cure and to make this Lupus go away because it was so embarrassing, i found some testimony online about (GENERAL HERBAL HEALTH CENTER) and i had no other option to than to try their drug because if i don't it means i will have to remain like this, i gave them a try because there is no harm in trying, i contacted their email address :, i also visited their website: then i did everything they said i should do, i purchased the 100% herbal medication and it was shipped to my door step in 3 days and i started using the herbal medicine and i started seeing good result in 3 weeks of usage and i kept using it and i thank Almighty God that my giving a test to their herbal drug brought the healing i have been searching for in 5 years.... thank God and i will also want you to try this herbal product out....

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