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If it seems too good to be true, it probably is - there are scams that prey upon our desperation for a cure or relief in this daily battle with lupus.

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  • I wish there was a cure!! It is so aggravating to me when people look at me and say "you don't look like anything wrong with you" & I am up here struggling to just get thru The day just so sick and tired I just wanna feel good, normal, wonder what that would be like!!
  • I am new to all of this and im thankful to be able to catch up with the daily struggles with Lupus. My newly wedded wife has Lupus and im realizing i have alot of catching up to do in order for me to understand how to be there for her when these bad times hit her. Sleep does help lol sometimes i dont see her for upwards of 12 hours on bad days. Anyways i know im a newbie but my wife has Lupus and im apart of this family now. Much love and luck to everyone on here :-)

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