Lupus and Joint Pain
Anna Scanlon
Anna Scanlon
January 14, 2019
Lupus and joint pain go hand in hand. Around 90% of lupus patients will experience some form of joint pain. Anna shares her tips for easing the pain.

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Lupus and Photosensitivity

Why You Need to Protect Yourself From the Sun

Ultraviolet radiation exposure is especially dangerous for lupus patients because their photosensitivity may result in flares, hives, fever, and joint pain.
by Anna Scanlon on March 25, 2015
Lupus Stomach Pain

Lupus Tummy Troubles and How to Cope With Them

When lupus stomach pain arises, the underlying reason may be the furthest thing from your mind — at least that is true in my case. I just want relief!
by Brandy Ostler on March 11, 2015
Getting Past the Wall

Getting Past ‘The Wall’

When you have lupus pain is a fact of life. Nicole shares her tips for pushing through when you've hit a wall.
by Nicole Hall on February 12, 2015
What Causes Lupus Heel Pain?

What Causes Lupus Heel Pain?

One probable cause of lupus heel pain is lupus-induced plantar fasciitis, which is the result of inflammation. Barbara shares her tips for easing the pain.
by Barbara Leech on January 13, 2015
Lupus and Raynaud's

What Is Raynaud’s Phenomenon?

Lupus and Raynaud's phenomenon often occur together. Brandy shares her experience with Raynaud's and some tips for combatting it.
by Brandy Ostler on January 13, 2015
Lupus and Fibromyalgia

The Lupus and Fibromyalgia Connection

Unfortunately, lupus and fibromyalgia are sometimes both present in the same person. Barbara Leech talks about her experience with both conditions.
by Barbara Leech on October 29, 2014
Lupus and MS

What’s the Difference Between Lupus and MS?

Lupus and MS can look similar. Lupus patient Barbara Leech writes about some of the symptoms she's had that mimic MS symptoms.
by Barbara Leech on October 7, 2014
Coping With Lupus Fog

Coping With Lupus Fog

It can be frightening to find yourself lost in a lupus fog, but there things you can do to reduce brain fog. Lupus warrior Barbara shares her tips!
by Barbara Leech on October 7, 2014
Lupus Bruising

Why Does Lupus Lead to Easy Bruising?

People with lupus can experience bruising that seems unexplainable. Barbara discusses her experience with lupus bruising and probable causes.
by Barbara Leech on September 15, 2014
Infographic Train Your Brain - Brain Fog

Explaining Lupus Fog

There's a constant and persistent pain that accompanies lupus, and with it comes an exhaustion that can at times feel overwhelming.
by NewLifeOutlook Team on July 8, 2014