5 Tips for Braving Winter With Lupus

Winter can be a challenge for people with lupus. In this video community member Anna Scanlon shares five tips for braving the cold season.

Watch the video above to hear Anna’s tips, or read a written summary below.

1. Hand Warmers

My first tip is to purchase hand warmers to put inside your gloves and ward off the symptoms of Raynaud’s syndrome.

2. Wear Rubber Gloves in the Kitchen

Be sure to wear rubber gloves if you’re doing anything in the kitchen that will get your hands wet. This will prevent your hands getting to cold and therefore the pain of Raynaud’s.

3. Allow Yourself Extra Time in the Morning

You’re more likely to feel stiff in the morning during winter, so give yourself some extra time to get ready in the morning. Try using that time to get up and do some stretches, to help get your muscles and joints really loose and limber for the day.

4. Take Warm Baths

A warm bath will help loosen up your joints and keep them from stiffening up too much.

5. Wash Your Hands

The winter months are when colds and flus seem to go around, so it’s really important that you wash your hands as often as possible, and maybe even carry antibacterial soap. This will help to prevent you from getting the cold or the flu, thus minimizing the risk of a flare.

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