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Art Therapy for Lupus: How Artistic Expression Helps Lupus Symptoms

Art Therapy for Lupus

Art is more than a fun way to pass the time — it’s a reputable approach to treating symptoms and consequences of chronic conditions like lupus. Art therapy programs are designed to help you explore your feelings, distract your mind and build your self-confidence; in the end, many patients are able to overcome the emotional challenges of their condition with art therapy classes, and restore some comfort and control to their daily lives. Art therapy has proven...

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Lupus Pain Management

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A Look at Lupus Treatment Options

A Look at Lupus Treatment Options

11-year lupus sufferer Anna shares her experience with lupus treatment options, what to expect, and the diet that's helped her cope with symptoms.
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Alternative Treatments for Lupus

Do Alternative Treatments for Lupus Really Work?

Though they won't cure you, there are alternative treatments for lupus you can use that may help with symptoms and help you cut down on your medication.
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Chemo for Lupus Treatment

Chemo for Lupus Treatment

Typically reserved for more aggressive forms, chemo for lupus is quickly becoming a valid — yet intense — treatment option for lupus patients.
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A Look at Common Lupus Meds and Their Side Effects

Taking drugs for lupus can be a necessary evil. Anna and Barbara share their experiences with common types of lupus medication and their side effects.
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Art Therapy for Lupus

How Artistic Expression Can Help Lupus Symptoms

Art therapy allows you to express yourself, relieve stress, and is an enjoyable hobby. Have you considered art therapy for lupus?
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Meditation for Lupus

Learn How Meditation for Lupus Can Help Your Symptoms

Meditation for lupus will help you cope and feel less pain, and may even prevent a flare from coming on. Barbara shares her tips for getting started.
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Chiropractic for Lupus

Should Someone With Lupus See a Chiropractor?

Lupus can’t be cured with chiropractic, but there are many ways you may benefit. Learn more about chiropractic for lupus and what it can do for you today!
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Acupuncture for Lupus

Acupuncture for Lupus

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is widely considered to be one of the most prestigious health organizations in the United States of America.
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Using Massage for Lupus Treatment

Using Massage for Lupus Treatment

Could massage be helpful for lupus? Learn about the benefits of massage for lupus, and three different kinds of massages to try.
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