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Lupus in Men: Differences Between Male and Female Lupus Patients

Lupus in Men

As a child, lupus was something I always knew about. I can’t say I knew exactly what it was, but I knew it was something my grandfather had (amongst a myriad of other illnesses). I had never associated the disease with one sex or the other until I began displaying symptoms and did a little bit of digging. To my surprise I found that most people who are diagnosed with lupus are women in their childbearing...

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Lupus Seizures

How Common Are Lupus Seizures?

Up to 75 percent of those diagnosed with lupus report neurological symptoms, and up to 50 percent experience lupus seizures at least once.
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Is Lupus Hereditary?

Is Lupus Hereditary?

Is lupus hereditary? "If you are a lupus mom, you probably share in my feelings of desperation and worry," writes Barbara.
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