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Lupus in Men: Differences Between Male and Female Lupus Patients

Lupus in Men

As a child, lupus was something I always knew about. I can’t say I knew exactly what it was, but I knew it was something my grandfather had (amongst a myriad of other illnesses). I had never associated the disease with one sex or the other until I began displaying symptoms and did a little bit of digging. To my surprise I found that most people who are diagnosed with lupus are women in their childbearing...

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Pleurisy and Lupus

When Lupus Affects Your Lungs

Pain from pleurisy is found in 40 to 60 percent of people with lupus. Understand more about pleurisy and lupus to take control and get proper treatment.
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New Line of Clothes for Chronic Illness Empowers Patients

Empowering Patients Through Clothing

Men and women can feel cozy and stylish in clothes for chronic illness designed just for them — from wrap dresses to cross-over tops to pajamas.
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Lupus and Anemia

How Lupus Could Be Causing Your Anemia

How are lupus and anemia connected? Anemia affects about half of all people with lupus. Fatigue is usually the first symptom, and is also the most common.
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Infographic The Link Between Restless Legs Syndrome and Lupus

The Link Between Restless Legs Syndrome and Lupus

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) and autoimmune diseases, such as lupus, often occur together — however, the reason for this is not entirely clear.
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Lupus Chest Pain

Empower Yourself By Understanding Lupus Chest Pain

The first time people experience lupus chest pain they rush to the ER fearing the worst, but once you know how to identify it, you can feel more empowered.
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Lupus and Fluorescent Lights

Tips for Managing Photosensitivity to Fluorescent Lighting

In the modern world, unnatural light surrounds us 24 hours a day. Learn about lupus and fluorescent lights and how to protect yourself.
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Lupus Cure

Dealing With People Who Claim They Have a Lupus Cure

"Most of us with lupus are familiar with the myriad of claims people make about curing our illness," Anna writes on people who claim to know the lupus cure.
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Is Lupus Contagious? And Other Questions Answered

Is Lupus Contagious? And Other Questions Answered

Let's go over some of the most common questions about lupus (like "is lupus contagious?") and give you the correct information.
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Lupus and Pregnancy

The Risks of Lupus and Pregnancy

Lupus and pregnancy can be a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Barbara Leech, now a mom of four, shares her experiences throughout her pregnancies.
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Video 6 Lesser Known Symptoms of Lupus video

6 Lesser Known Symptoms of Lupus

Most people already know about the joint pain, fatigue, and rashes that lupus causes, but there are some other symptoms that aren't as well known.
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